Before The Break

77. Austin Colby "It's Such A Ride"

October 03, 2022 Tommy Beardmore, Adam DeCarlo, Austin Colby
Before The Break
77. Austin Colby "It's Such A Ride"
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This week on BEFORE THE BREAK, the boys sit down with actor, Austin Colby. He has had appeared in the US National Tour of Frozen: The Musical, The Off-Broadway revival of Jersey Boys, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, and South Pacific. We discuss growing up singing in church, auditioning in a tuxedo, why the arts were an escape early on, touring the country opposite his wife in Frozen, moving to NYC and getting humbled very quickly, the importance of staying ready, thanking a casting director for not having booked him, owning the audition room, the fear of bringing a famous film role to the stage, and wanting to pursue on-camera work. That and much more!

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(Cont.) 77. Austin Colby "It's Such A Ride"