Before The Break

73. David Banks "Do What Scares You"

September 06, 2022 Tommy Beardmore, Adam DeCarlo, David Banks
Before The Break
73. David Banks "Do What Scares You"
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This week on BEFORE THE BREAK, the boys sit down with actor, David Banks. He has appeared in over 100 commercials, and had roles on such shows as Never Have I Ever, The Afterparty, Rutherford Falls, Station 19, Insecure, and Why Women Kill. We discuss the fear and nerves of live theatre, the importance of experience, the current state of comedy, getting roasted by Andrew Dice Clay, starting to shift more into dramatic roles, growing up in a small town, moving to L.A. and not booking for years, using no's as a motivation, and becoming better at acting and auditioning by being a reader at a casting office. That and much more!

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(Cont.) 73. David Banks "Do What Scares You"