Before The Break

66. Emrhys Cooper "Your Dreams Can Change"

July 18, 2022 Tommy Beardmore, Adam DeCarlo, Emrhys Cooper
Before The Break
66. Emrhys Cooper "Your Dreams Can Change"
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This week on BEFORE THE BREAK, the boys sit down with actor, Emrhys Cooper. He has appeared in the film Mama Mia!, and on such shows as CSI: NY, Desperate Housewives, Touch, and Person of Interest. He most recently appeared in the feature film, The Shuroo Process, which he also wrote and directed. We discuss moving during the pandemic, growing up in England and feeling different, how moving to London changed his life, how arrogance led to making his own success, the immense challenge of getting his Visa to move to the U.S., a disastrous first trip to L.A., reminding Paris Hilton to say thank you, juggling a lot of jobs while try to get his start, moving to NYC for a fresh creative start, getting into writing and directing, the learning curve of being a filmmaker, and how getting off prescription drugs has opened him up creatively. That and much more!

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(Cont.) 66. Emrhys Cooper "Your Dreams Can Change"